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Farmer Margie was recently interviewed by Niala Boodhoo of WLRN/Miami Herald about the economic impact of last month’s freeze. Two reports originally aired on WLRN last week, and the second one is by reporter Christine DiMattei.

If you weren’t lucky enough to catch them on the radio, you can listen to and/or download them from the Miami Herald web site. Scroll down the page and look for these headlines:

02/20 FBR – South Dade farmers and the freeze

02/23 Two-week cold snap brings season of worry to local farmers

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Oyster mushrooms have been a welcome addition to the CSA shares so far twice this season. They are grown at Paradise Farm, and are for sale on Saturdays at the Paradise tent at the Coral Gables Farmers Market, and also on Sundays at the Redland Organics tent at the Pinecrest Gardens Farmers Market. The following article was published in the Miami Herald on Thursday. Nancy Ancrum did a great job, couldn’t do better myself. Enjoy!

Homestead farmer, African scientist realize mushroom dreams


It was an e-mail that just screamed to be spiked. It came from an African country; it mentioned something about a “lottery;” it hinted that there was a wonderful, enriching opportunity to be had.But Homestead farmer Gabriele Marewski didn’t delete the message. She read it. It wasn’t a scam; it was the world working in mysterious ways.

“Those scam e-mails go right into the spam box. But this one had that first sentence that was intriguing,” Marewski says. “It said, ‘I won the lottery to come to the United States.’ The other ones say, ‘You won the lottery, give us an account number.’ ”

She went from intrigued to hooked when she got to this line: “I can show you how to grow oyster mushrooms.”

“This was too bizarre; so bizarre I had to respond.”

Read the rest of the article here:

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The trend of people growing veggies in their yards is really taking off. Several experienced gardeners were interviewed in a recent article in The Miami Herald. Redland Organics grower Gabriele Marewski, of Paradise Farms, is one of the featured growers.

The article was published on Sunday Oct. 4th in the Home and Design section. You can read it online.

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