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Weird carrots

Was downloading pictures from the end of the CSA season and found this assortment of carrots. (You can tell it’s the end of the season because the background paper is grimy and creased.) In April, Worden Farm started sending over some strangely shaped carrots. When I asked Eva Worden about that, she said it might have something to do with the soil, the way it’s compacted, or a rock or some obstacle the root encounters. Maybe… who knows what goes on down there in the dark! This menagerie ended up at farmers market. Hope some fun carrots made their way into your CSA share box!

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CSA share: week 20

CSA share: week 20

This is it, fellow CSA members. This is the last CSA share of the season. I’m going to miss my weekly trips to Bee Heaven Farm to photograph the shares for you. I’m also going to miss getting an armload of incredible food every week. My friends, with whom I share the share, are going to miss it too. So, how will you make do in the off season? Back to Whole Foods? Grow your own?

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CSA share: week 19

CSA share: week 19

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Green hitchhiker

Mmmmmm yum parsley!

This morning the farm crew was breaking up large bunches of parsley into smaller bunches, so all shares would get an equal amount. Sadie found a green hitchhiker in one of the bunches, and set it aside for me to photograph. She was very excited to find it. There’s a lot of speculation whether this is a swallowtail or a monarch caterpillar. Any ideas?

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CSA week: share 18

CSA share: week 18

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