GrowFest! flyers

Dejah, a customer service cashier, did her part to set out flyers at each cash register at the South Beach store.

Dejah, a customer service cashier, did her part to set out flyers at each cash register at the South Beach store.

Want to have the GrowFest! schedule of events handy?

Grab a GrowFest! flyer at any Whole Foods Market in South Florida, from Palm Beach stores south to Pinecrest. They’ve been in stores all week. (There might be some left…)

Whole Foods is a festival sponsor for three years running. Thanks to all at the company who helped support GrowFest!

Grab a flyer at a checkout lane.

Grab a flyer at a checkout lane.

This year’s GrowFest! debuts the Redland ART section. Applying the same criteria as for all GrowFest! vendors, art or photography by local artists is showcased, depicting local, edible or native plant, animal or local scenes, or incorporates locally-grown or native materials.

John DeFaro with Who is Nest wall assemblage 63rd All FL Juried Competition and Exhibition Boca Raton Museum of Art 2014

John DeFaro is a local artist who works with natural materials, royal poinciana seed pods one of his favorite objects. All pieces are for sale at GrowFest! 50% discount prices of $45 to $75 (signed by the artist), depending on size/detail. John will be at GrowFest! until 4 pm Saturday and until 3 pm Sunday.

In his own words:

detailAt first glance one quickly sees rich earth tones of cheery wood reds and mahogany browns hanging from copper wire. About the size of four or five hands, the forms floating are created primarily using Poinciana Tree Seed Pods; a signature material to John DeFaro’s new naturalist approach for his making of art assemblages and on site installations.

The Nightmare Catchers are smaller scaled found object, informal assemblages using wire, vintage electrical transistors, jewelry wire, plastic beads, and so on. These hanging intuitive sculptures are a deviation from the traditional Native American Dream Catchers in that they, fresh out of the artist studio ad hoc forms, are to be hung inside the home and dwellings where one might sleep. In addition to Catching, they Capture and Extinguish Nightmares FOREVER.

detail-2As part of the artist narrative, The Nightmare Catchers provide a complete monitoring of nightmares placed anywhere within the entire home. Simply the power of playful belief when and how artistic creation brings enjoyment and positive thinking. And simply an expression as an art form celebrating the re-purposing of Nature.

DeFaro’s better known large assemblages using the dried and hardened, oiled and protected pods, have garnered awards and exhibition participation such as an Artist Choice award at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, SoBay Art Exhibit at the Deering Estate in Cutler, FL, Scope Art Fair, Art and Culture Center, Hollywood, FL, and most recently inclusion in the 63rd Annual Juried Competition and Exhibition / Boca Raton Museum, Florida.



This year’s GrowFest! debuts the Redland ART section. Applying the same criteria as for all GrowFest! vendors, art or photography by local artists is showcased, depicting local, edible or native plant, animal or local scenes, or incorporates locally-grown or native materials.


Rachel Pikarsky is an up-and-coming printmaker based in Redland. She grew up on Bee Heaven Farm, and has drawn inspiration from the natural and human environment around her.

In her own words:

44594_10151787540143255_103182159_nWhether it be figuring out who someone is to me and where they fit in my world, playing around with silly, slightly cynical ideas, or dissecting my own psyche, my artwork is my way of decoding the world around me. I tend to try to portray the essence of an individual, object, or experience by placing it in an unusual situation and seeing how it responds. In that way my work has a sort of life of its own.

I began playing with the idea of birds for exactly that reason. They are often viewed as diminutive mindless creatures, but to me they are so much more. They possess the amazing ability to remove themselves from any situation they feel uncomfortable in. Therefore, anything I draw them doing, they must have inherently chosen to be in that state. This ended up creating an interesting meaning for me because so often I, like everyone I would imagine, feel trapped doing things I don’t wish to be doing and have little control over how I am reacting.

62486_10151368320283255_566166295_nMy subject matter and even the medium became a sort of therapy for me regarding these sorts of situations. I make prints of different sorts—lithographs, etchings, woodcuts, silkscreens, etc… There is one thing that all of these have in common: they are incredibly tedious and time consuming. I began spending countless hours perfecting a wing or drawing tangled nests and it made me feel completely and utterly, if for just a moment, in control.

I draw inspiration from the people and places around me, which almost always has its roots in nature and the tropics. I try not to shy away from the nitty-gritty of mother nature and instead embrace it and turn it around into a bit of tongue in cheek banter and much of my work has a ridiculous or sarcastic side to it. My work as a whole ends up being a black and white intricacy splattered with bright colors and an expressive drawing style incorporating memorable farmers from the area, fruits with personality, and anxious alcoholic birds!


GrowFest! vendors

Vendors and exhibitors participating at GrowFest! this year.

Casey’s Corner Nursery – Native foliage for sun or shade, short or tall.

Community Arts Cool Ties – Under the sun, we’re all one.

Dade County Farm Bureau – The voice of Dade County agriculture.

Edible South Florida – Exploring our foods, our stories, our community by season.

Envy Botanicals – Carnivorous plants. https://twitter.com/envybotanicals

Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services – Division of Plant Industry – Works to detect, intercept and control plant and honey bee pests that threaten Florida’s native and commercially grown plants and agricultural resources.

Florida Organic Growers – Supports and promotes sustainable organic agriculture and provides solutions to the issues facing farmers, families, and everyone in between. http://www.foginfo.org/

Gaby’s Farm – Gourmet tropical fruit ice cream and sorbet.

Going Bananas – Family owned and operated nursery/grove is exclusively devoted to growing many varieties of banana plants and tropical lychee trees.

Hani’s Mediterranean Organics – Goat milk, goat cheese, goat milk ice cream, Mediterranean cuisine http://www.localharvest.org/hanis-mediterranean-organics-M29177

Homestead Hospital 

JackPot – Fabric growing containers.

Mango House – Miami’s Mango Mama, Jen Karetnick, displays all things mango: cook book, art, clothing, artifacts.

Margarita’s Fruit Trees – Tropical fruit trees

The Miami G.R.O.W. Project – Growing, teaching, feeding our community.

Micro Hill Farms – Organically grown microgreens, sunflower shoots, pea tendrils and wheatgrass. http://www.localharvest.org/micro-hill-farms-M62483

Miguel Bode Honey – Local raw honey, pollen, beeswax

Native Conch – Delicious conch fritters

Paradise Farms Organic  – Home of Dinner in Paradise

Redland Organic Herb Farm – Specializing in organic potted herb and vegetable plants.  http://www.redlandorganicherbfarm.com/

Rochelois Jams – Exotic fruit  jams, jellies and chutneys made from local tropical fruits.

Slow Food Miami  – Supporting good, clean and fair food.

Teena’s Pride CSA – Ultra fresh vegetables grown on a multi-generation family farm.

Tropical Fruit & Vegetable Society (Fruit & Spice Park fruit display) – Selling vanilla ice cream with toppings made from park fruits.

UF/IFAS Extension Office  – Solutions for your life.

The Urban Farmer – Hydroponic farming, organic and naturally grown.

Urban Oasis Project – Making fresh, healthy, local food accessible to ALL!

USDA-NRCS Natural Resources Conservation Service – Agriculture conservation, Farm Bill 2014

Verde Community Farm and Market – A 22 acre organic farm and market, teaching formerly homeless families how to run a farm.

Whole Foods Market 


GrowFest! 2014 events



Demos, Workshops & Presentations

Saturday, October 18

11:00 am          Mistakes I’ve Made Along the Way Growing Herbs
11:00 am          Mango Poetry
11:30 am          Hungry for Justice documentary screening
1:00 pm            Properly Pruning Fruit Trees
1:00 pm            Mango Poetry
1:30 pm            Managing Vegetable Crops:
From Commercial Industry to Backyard Gardens
2:30 pm            Rain Barrel Workshop (Barrel cost: $40)
2:30 pm            Wild Edible Plants of Florida


Sunday, October 19

10:30 am          Plant Propagation
10:30 am          The Slow Food Ark of Taste
11:00 am          Mango Poetry
11:30 am          Hungry for Justice documentary screening
1:00 pm            Mistakes I’ve Made Along the Way Growing Herbs
1:00 pm            Mango Poetry
1:30 pm            Good Bugs/Bad Bugs in Your Edible Landscape
2:30 pm            Vegetable Oddities
2:30 pm            Rain Barrel Workshop (Barrel cost: $40)


Saturday and Sunday All Day activities:

Kids’ Activities / Ag in the Classroom
Master Gardener Plant Clinic
Community Art  *SUNDAY ONLY*
Light Bulb & Shower Head Exchange (Must bring old ones)