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Common Roots art show

Common Roots art exhibit

If you’ve been browsing through this blog, you know that I like to take photos at Bee Heaven Farm. In fact, I’ve taken lots and lots of photos there over the last few years. So I’m really happy that two photos of native plants growing at Bee Heaven were accepted into the juried art show, COMMON ROOTS. Come see my “Beautyberry” and “Firebush,” and other beautiful works of art by local artists!

The show isn’t up for very long — it runs Oct 5-10, and the opening reception is on Tuesday Oct. 6th from 7-9 pm at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. If you’ve never been to the garden, you’re missing out on a real treat. It’s a cosy, quiet, green oasis full of plants and sculpture just across the street from the Miami Beach Convention Center.

From the press release:

The COMMON ROOTS art exhibit is all about native plants and how they can build bridges between different cultures! The exhibit presents paintings, weavings, sculpture and photography of local artists who share the ‘Common Roots’ not only of the plants, but of the cultural stories and use of the plants for enjoyment, decoration, building materials, utensils, adornments, foods, medicines, and more.

Arts at St. Johns

The Arts at St Johns, in collaboration with the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, hosts this diverse exhibit that depicts the diversity of native and traditional plants coming from the Caribbean region, including South Florida.

The Curators are Winsome Bolt and Debra Cortese (visual artists) and Carol Hoffman-Guzman (visual artist and project anthropologist). The Project Botanist is Steven Woodmansee, who was born in Miami and has extensive knowledge of the ethnobotany of the Americas.


Oct 7, Wed. 10-12 am – Talk on local native plants, with Steve Woodmansee.
Oct 10, Sat., 10-12 am – Talk about Coastal Native Plants, with Steve Woodmansee.

COMMON ROOTS on Facebook (My images are the first two on page 3 of the Wall.)

For More Information, Contact Arts at St. Johns
email: artsatstjohns@bellsouth.net
phone: 305-613-2325

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