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Some of you buy local produce through the CSA and others drop by the farmers market on Sunday. But there’s still a lot more that local growers could do to get their fruits and veggies to your table, or you to their table!

Farmer Margie has written about three ordinances up for a second reading on Tuesday Feb. 9th at 2 pm, before the Miami-Dade County Commission’s Budget, Planning and Sustainability Committee headed by Commissioner Katy Sorenson. One proposed ordinance would allow for B&B’s in the farm area, one would allow growers to process products that they grow (making dried fruit or ice cream, for example), and one would allow building a distillery to make spirits from local fruits. Click over to the Bee Heaven Farm’s blog for more info.

Read the full agenda for the Committee meeting here. (The link posted on the BHF blog doesn’t work.) You can also download pdf’s of the proposed ordinances from that web page. Don’t forget to contact Commissioner Sorenson at District8@miamidade.gov or (305) 375-5218 to give her your support on these ordinances. They are scheduled to come up for a final vote before the full commission sometime in April.

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The end of an era?

Katy Sorenson has long been a friend to the farmers. She is best known for fighting attempts to move the Urban Development Boundary (UDB) which has restrained urban sprawl; for promoting zoning changes that would allow struggling family farmers to have alternative streams of agriculture-related income; and for promoting agri-tourism. Without her on the Commission, some farmers I’ve talked to fear their voices will no longer be heard, and the last remaining farm land will be devoured by waiting developers. Is this the end of an era, or will somebody as strong stand up and take Katy’s place?

Read the official announcement on the District 8 site, where you can also download her statement.

Read the Miami Herald article published on Friday, Feb. 5, 2010:

Miami-Dade Commissioner Katy Sorenson won’t seek 5th term

Miami-Dade Commissioner Katy Sorenson won’t seek a fifth term, closing a noteworthy career and opening the door for a new commissioner for South Miami-Dade.


Miami-Dade Commissioner Katy Sorenson will not seek reelection this fall, ending a 16-year run on the county board distinguished by her advocacy for the environment and social equality.

The commissioner announced plans to collaborate with the University of Miami to develop a leadership initiative on public service for people aspiring to run for local and state elected office. The effort, she said, will have the backing of the Knight Foundation and Dade Community Foundation.

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