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leave food to nature

So, we have had a menu made of those magnet words on our book shelf for quite a few years now.

Randomly, as most things happen around here, we decided to change it. So here’s what resulted from the combining of our strange, strange minds.

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Zak H Stern

Zak H Stern

Well, not my prostate, but Zak’s. Former WWOOF-er Zak H Stern has been blogged by Budget Travel. Read the article here.

And what’s a WWOOF-er, you ask? That would be a volunteer apprentice who has registered through WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), and works on a chosen farm for room and board for an agreed period of time. For the volunteer, it’s a great way to learn about different crops, pick up various farm skills, and meet all kinds of people. Some volunteers already have experience from other farms, others are just starting out. For the farmer, it’s a great way to pass on knowledge, and get willing workers for a nominal cost.

Two seasons ago (2007-2008) Zak worked at Bee Heaven Farm for part of the season. He was cheerful and positive, and a delight to have on the farm and at market. His poem, While my Prostate is Small, was published in The COMmunity POST, the weekly Redland Organics CSA newsletter that goes out with the shares. I got his permission to reprint it. Enjoy!

While my prostate is small

By Zak H Stern

While my prostate is small….
I will travel the world,
Take long bus trips with no ac
And not stop fifty times to pee
While my prostate is small….
I will sleep through the night,
Drink a milkshake before bed
Without a hint of fright.
While my prostate is small….
I will enjoy my youth,
Smooth skin, sharp eyes,
A mind looking for truth.
While my prostate is small….
I will learn how to live,
How to love, how to listen,
How to take, how to give.
While my prostate is small….
I will withdraw from school,
Go live on a farm,
and learn how to live off the fat of the land.
While my prostate is small….
I will live my life to the fullest.

Published in The COMmunity POST, Week 15, March 8, 2008

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