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Robert Barnum, the Cantankerous Chef, will be interviewed “live on the air” by Nancy Ancrum and Robbie Bell about his upcoming Potato Pandemonium dinner held at Possum Trot Tropical Fruit Nursery.

Click over to Join Us At The Table, their show on BlogTalkRadio, this Saturday morning at 9:30 am to hear the interview live. It should be a lively conversation, as Robert is quite passionate about the creative spin he gives potato dishes featured in the Pandemonium dinner. [Note: you can play and/or download the show. Robert’s interview is about 11 minutes in from the start.]

Reminder: Saturday Feb. 20th is also the last day to register for the dinner, so don’t dawdle or you’ll miss out on something amazing!

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Potato heaven

Robert Barnum called the other day to tell me about his preps for the upcoming Potato Pandemonium dinner. He has two refrigerators bulging with potatoes, both the one in the kitchen and the one on the front porch. Not everybody has a frig on the front porch brimming with spuds, so this I had to see for myself. Yup, the porch frig held at least four onion sacks stuffed with spuds, and the kitchen frig held another two full sacks.

The kitchen table held an overflow of potatoes in several buckets, which were sorted by shape and color — dark skinned that look purplish-blue-black inside, red skinned that are red inside, golden ones, and delicate fingerling potatoes. Not sure how many pounds that adds up to, but it looks like it should be enough for 30 guests. Robert explained the spuds were gleaned from a nearby field. There’s nothing wrong with the tubers; they’re perfectly good to eat, and would otherwise be plowed under.

Multicolor chips just out of the fry pot

Robert mentioned he browsed through his extensive collection of cook books for inspiration, but the actual dish will be his version. “All these recipes come out of my head,” he explained. “Some of these have never been done, or done the way I plan to do it.” He offered a test batch of Potato Salad with Carambola Relish, which had a tropical and tangy dressing, no typical mayo here. Bubbling in a pot of oil were Multicolored Chips, and sure enough some potatoes are really red inside, looked like small chioggia beets. Ultimately each dish will be interpreted with his signature flair — tropical ingredients straight from his grove, and food cooked over a wood fired grill.

If you’ve never been out to Possum Trot Tropical Fruit Nursery, it’s a unique corner of Redland, not to be missed. Intrigued? Here’s the link to register for the Pandemonium.

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Join us Wednesday, February 24, 2010 for
A Possum Trot Experience! presented by Bee Heaven Farm


Native to the New World Tropics, potatoes are used around the world in many different cuisines. Experience the incredible variety of potatoes at this one-of-a-kind event.

Potato Vichyssoise Soup with Multicolored Chips
Potato Salad with Carambola Relish
Scallopes Potato with Betel Leaf
Individual Potato Souffles
Parsley Potatoes
Smoked Potato Medley
Meat ‘n Potatoes
Potato Pancakes Topped with Fruit & Cas/Passion Sauce

Your unconventional experience will include sampling from a selection of 35 years’ worth of home-made wines from tropical fruits grown on the farm.

Limited seating in quasi-formal setting in a rustic old Florida farmhouse.
$100 per person * 6:30 pm serving
Come early for an informal class on sustainable cooking techniques and unusual uses for local ingredients.

RSVP with advance payment required by Saturday, February 20th.
Cancellations accepted up to 48 hours prior to event.
No refunds for no-shows or late cancellations.


Possum Trot Tropical Fruit Nursery
14955 SW 214th St
Miami, FL 33187-4602

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