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It’s gonna fit!

There’s a new greenhouse going up at Bee Heaven Farm! Before one post can be set, the space for the structure has to be measured and staked out. In this video we meet Frankie the greenhouse guy and his helper, who are the masters of the tape measure. The space they stake out looks like a tight fit. Margie is delighted and excited — her dream is finally materializing!

Help Margie’s dream come to fruition and donate to her Indiegogo campaign. Click here to do it online. It’s fast and easy! (Plus you get cool gifts.) Today, Sunday October 12th, is The Last Day! Thanks for your donation!

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Fully committed

The west grove got knocked down to make space for the new greenhouse. In this video, see how the land gets cleared. Farmer Margie Pikarsky talks about moving forward with the project, no looking back.

There’s still a couple days left to donate to the Indiegogo fundraiser, to help Margie pay for the greenhouse. It’s easy to do, just a mouse click away! Every dollar helps, so give what you can. Thanks!

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Goodbye, tree

Countdown to a deadline! You have only 5 days left (including today) to make a donation!

In this Throwback Thursday video, Farm manager Nicole Firori said goodbye to her beloved avocado trees last month. The west grove got cut down to make room for the large new greenhouse at Bee Heaven Farm.

Farmer Margie Pikarsky needs the greenhouse to grow more organic veggie and tomato seedlings, both for the farm and for sale to the public.

Help make the dream a reality! Donate online here:


Give a little, give a lot, or give a lot more! Thanks for your donation!

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Countdown to a deadline! You have only 7 days left (including today) to make a donation!

Construction has begun on the greenhouse Post holes were dug and foundation poles set on the site of the former west avocado grove at Bee Heaven Farm.

Help farmer Margie Pikarsky raise money to pay for this much-needed greenhouse. Donate money online here:

Give as much as you can! Thanks for your donation!

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Farmer Margie Pikarsky has a big, expensive dream! She wants a large professional greenhouse, fully equipped with metal benches, with an irrigation system on a timer, and powered by solar energy.

Only one week left to make a donation, and sadly, there’s a looooong way to go to reach the goal. Please dig deep and be generous with your donations.

Margie has a fundraiser page where you can help offset construction costs. You’ll find a list of different perks that you get with the different levels of donations. See what grabs your fancy — tickets to GrowFest, seedlings for your garden, t-shirts and cinch bags are some of the goodies.

For the numbers crunchers, the exact numbers and details about greenhouse features are spelled out on the fundraiser page. Lots of details there that aren’t listed here.

If you’re a Redland Organics/Bee Heaven Farm CSA member, you stand to benefit the most from this, with the added potential of an extended growing season and a greater variety of veggies in your share box!

So what are you waiting for…. give!


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The project is under way! Farmer Marge Pikarsky wants — and needs — a big new greenhouse at Bee Heaven Farm so she can grow more organic seedlings that you want and love.

Margie, and farm manager Nicole Fiori, have a big, expensive dream, and they need your help to make it happen. Make your donation online here:


Big or small, it’s all good. Thanks for your support!

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Bee Heaven Farm is growing!

After 10 years, Farmer Margie Pikarsky has outgrown the little shade house where she and her crew plant seeds and start growing seedlings. The little shade house doesn’t have much room to work for three people. It’s made of wood and plastic sheeting, is overgrown and falling apart. Many more seedlings are growing outside on stands made from wooden pallets, under the dappled shade of a royal poinciana tree. The pallets are falling apart too, in the tropical rain and heat. There’s a limited amount of space to meet the increasing demand for organic seedlings.

Margie wants — and needs — a new professional greenhouse. The one she has her eye on is 90 feet long and 60 feet wide. On one side, seedlings and starts will grow on metal stands (that won’t rot), and tender plants will grow directly in the ground on the other side. But something like that doesn’t come cheap. So Farmer Margie is turning to you — her faithful customers and CSA members — for financial assistance.

All the details on the project are posted on Bee Heaven Farm’s fundraising page. New video updates will be posted both there and on this blog. Help the farm grow! Give what you can!

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