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You made the connection between food and health, and you’ve chosen to eat organic, at least some of the time. Now take the next step and connect your food to the land it came from and the people who grew it.

If you’re a South Florida locavore, you may be aware of farms in the Redland area, but you may not have had an opportunity to visit one. Now you can! This blog will document Redland Organics growers and their organic (or non-chemical) farms; and CSA members, locavores, and other interesting people in the larger landscape of local food concerns.

My name is Marian and when I ramble through Redland, I feel like I’ve come home. For several years I’ve been eating locally during season, thanks to Redland Organics CSA. Right away I fell in love with the beautiful, super-fresh vegetables and started photographing them. Next, I visited Bee Heaven Farm and met Farmer Margie and her hard working crew of volunteers and interns. Since that first visit, I’ve been coming back again and again, making friends and tasting good things, photographing veggies and filming events in and around Bee Heaven. I’ve also had the great opportunity to meet the growers of Redland Organics who provide food for the weekly CSA shares. Each and every one of them is outspoken about food, the land, or health issues. I want to share their stories using words, photos and an occasional short video.

Hopefully this blog will provide an opportunity for conversation and community among growers, CSA members and locavores. I’ve discovered that people who are attracted to local and/or organic food are passionate and knowledgeable, and have interesting things to say about food and related issues. I’ve met some of you at farmer’s market, or CSA pickup sites, or Slow Food Miami events, and I hope to meet more of you through this blog.

Originally this project was going to be a documentary film about Redland Organics CSA, thus the occasional video clips. I’ve researched and planned that project for a few years, and it might still become a film if I can raise enough funds to finish.

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