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In a pickle

French breakfast radishes pickling in brine.

Overwhelmed by the amount of radishes that you’ve been seeing in your CSA box? Couldn’t possibly eat them all right away? Pickle them! I didn’t know you could make brine pickles with radishes until I saw a giant jar on top of the barn refrigerator. Thanks to farm intern Jamie for telling me how the pickles were made. Haven’t tried the recipe yet but it looks simple enough. These radishes would be a tasty addition to a meat and cheese sandwich.

Brine-cured pickled radishes

Brine is 1 tbsp. pickling salt to 1 qt. water
cut up or whole radishes
several whole cloves of peeled garlic
several branches of dill

Wash and trim radishes. Wash and chop dill. Put them in a jar along with peeled garlic. Mix up brine and pour over radish mix until just covered. Fill any air space at the top with a plastic bag full of water. It also acts as a weight to hold the radishes down. Cover mouth of the jar with a coffee filter kept in place with string or elastic. Let the pickles sit undisturbed for at least 3 to 5 days. Test the pickles after 5 days, may want to ferment them longer. When they are to your liking, move the jar to chill in the refrigerator. The pickles will keep for several months.

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