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Onionville was so amazing that I had to document it with my video camera. Here, farmer Arturo Gonzalez takes me on a brief tour of a sea of red and yellow onions drying in the barn at Bee Heaven Farm. If you are a CSA member, you ate his lovely red spring onions not too long ago. There’s plenty more where that came from, if you like such things. Keep your eyes open for onions in the summer offerings.

This is the very first farm video I’m posting on the blog and on YouTube. If you want to see more videos, let me know and I’ll post some more, now and then, when I get a chance.

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Red and yellow onions drying in the front stall.

A sea of organic onions has washed up at the horse barn at Bee Heaven Farm. The onions  are laid out in two double rows on either side of the walkway, and one layer deep on tables in two of the stalls. The red spring onions still have their tops attached, and the big round yellow ones are topless. They are drying out so they can be kept longer in storage.


Farmer Arturo dropping off a million onions. Farm worker Luz in background. Photo by Margie Pikarsky.


Yellow onions drying in the back stall.

Farmer Arturo Gonzalez of Sunshine Organic Farm grew all these onions for the CSA. “So many onions, I don’t know what to do with them!” he told me. “I’ve been eating onions every day — onions with breakfast, lunch, and dinner and I still have too many onions!”

You can help Margie with her onion problem by grabbing some at the next summer offering. Just think — onion soup, caramelized onions (my favorite), dried onions, onions in omelets with fresh herbs — I could go on and on…

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Sea of red spring onions.

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